Too good to be thrown away

    Microscale experiments with disposables

 Kids and teens explore their environment: Water, air, soil, food, fuels                                                                   (more see below)

                     Project:  Cans   Coins   Cola


Microscale chemistry experimentation (MCE)  with disposable materials protects our environment: Water, air, soil, food.

On this homepage Peter Schwarz ( presents micro- scale chemistry experiments that can be done in disposable containers (ampoules, dropper bottles, plastic pipettes, syringes.) worldwide.

Students and other interested readers are welcome to visit this website and learn more about chemistry. Those who perform the experiments described  herein accept the full responsibility for all that results directly and indirectly from all those activities.  If  you  accept these conditions, please click on on "Safety first".

First published: 15.03.2014                                                   last modification: 31.12.2015