Microscale Chemistry Family

Not on the photo:

Christer Gruvberg                Angela Koehler-Kruetzfeldt

Metodija Najdoski                Bob Worley, Kay Stephenson                         Mahmoud El Marsafy   

John Bradley                       Stephen Breuer 

Wing Hong Chan                 Marie Du Toit 

Chan organized the 2. Microscale Symposium in Hong Kong 2001. The 3. conference in Mexico City, honoured the pioneers of MCE in the USA Ronald Pike and Mohan Singh.

Supawan Tantayanon organized the 5. Microscale Symposium in Thailand honouring Viktor Obendrauf who was the center of our group and a brave personality.

The next conferences I attended were organized by Abdul Aziz Al-Najjar and  Angela Koehler-Kruetzfeldt.

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