Proteins from egg and milk

"Protein" is the overall name not only for the white of a boiled or fried egg; components of milk also belong to this group of nutrients.

In the following experiment, you will separate the proteins from egg white and from milk, and compare the products with each other. 


1. Separate the egg white from the yolk, put a little egg white on the experimental tray and let it dry.

2. Divide the rest of the egg white between two ampoules.

(More see below)

3. Heat one of ampoules over the candle flame. Add to the other one some vinegar essence (acetic acid 25%).

4. Pour out 20 mL of whole milk into the infusion bottle.

5. Add a small amount of vinegar essence and warm the mixture on the candle burner.

6. Place a handkerchief as a screen over the mouth of a tumbler and pour into it the milk.

7. Wait until the residue on the handkerchief has completetly dried, and hold a small piece of it into the flame of a tea light.

8. Hold a small piece of the dried albumen of egg white on the experimental tray also in the flame.

First published: 2008                                                                              Last modification: 14.06.2014