9. Volume change during condensation

When water boils it is converted into water vapour with a much higher volume than liquid water has. What changes do you expect in the reverse direction?




  1. Place a few drops of water into the ampoule.

  2. Cut off the wide end of the pipette tip, insert the remainder of the pipette tip into the rubber stopper from below and seal the ampoule with this stopper.                           (More see below)

3. Heat the water in the ampoule above the tea light. Make sure that the opening of the ampoule does not point to other people.

4. Once the water boils, turn the ampoule upside down quickly and immerse the pipette into a tealight cup filled with cola.

5.Put some water into an empty veverage can.

6. Heat the water in the can with the gas burner.

7. As soon as the water is boiling, dip the tin (e.g. with barbecue tongs) rapidly with the opening down deep into the vessel full of cold water.

First publication: 1996                                                               Last modification:06.05.2015