Sodium chloride from kitchen salt

In the supermarket you can find the most diverse varieties of kitchen salt. Many salts have added anti-caking agents such as calcium carbonate. In this experiment, you will separate this additive and get crystals of the pure substance, sodium chloride.


1.Place a spatula full of table salt into the ampoule.

2. Fill the ampoule with distilled water.

3. Cap the ampoule with the stopper, shake it gently and let it stand for some time.                  (more see below)



  1. Suck up some of the liquid in the ampoule with the eyedropper and place a drop of it on the black plastic base.

  2. Leave the plastic base until the next lesson in a safe place.


    Write down your observations.

    Explain all observations in your own words and also with the help of the particle model.

    What property is used in the separation of the calcium carbonate?

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